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SEO Tools

W3 Web Manager comes with a full suite of SEO tools, on top of the automatic search engine optimisation tools that it employs.

Each module within the system has it's own SEO section, for fine tuning the title, keyword and description meta. In addition, all functions and tools are geared up to automatically looking after SEO for you - for example, by adding a product to the shop, the system will generate all tags, meta, urls and links, based on the product name.

And this means that there is no need for search engine optimisers to go wading through reams of complex code and everything they need can be achieved extremely easily through the control panel, including the following:

  • Google/Yahoo/Bing   and Google Base (automatically generated by the system)
  • Search engine verify codes
  • Analytics and other tracking code
  • 301 redirects (automatically generated)
  • Key-worded URLs and links (automatically generated)
  • All tags, including h1, h2, h3, alt/image titles, page titles, keywords, description etc.(automatically generated)
  • Product cross-links and meta fine-tuning
  • Page omissions
  • Canonical meta (automatically generated)

If you want to discover the power of our systems, and discuss the possibility of building your website to run on W3 Web Manager, call us today on 08432 893220