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Hosting Solutions

We can provide professional hosting and support packages to suit all requirements. Or we can advise on how to host W3 Web Manager yourself if you prefer.

We have a range of hosting solutions, including the following:

  • Standard/shared hosting: Business shared hosting, suitable for most brochure sites running on W3 Web Manager.
  • Premium hosting: We run various hosting schemes for those sites or customer that require more resources. Essentially these hosting schemes are the same as standard hosting, but with a bigger slice of resources, and run from servers hosting far fewer websites. 
  • Dedicated hosting: We can provide and manage everything from single-core, basic servers, through to the largest, multi core servers, with huge amounts of disk space and memory - all with unlimited bandwidth.
  • VPS hosting: As with dedicated hosting, we can provide the full range of VPS/Cloud hosting services - all fully managed and all at incredible low rates.
  • Reseller Hosting can be any of the above. We basically supply the hosting and hosting support. You can set up your own white-labelled customer accounts and upload your websites to our managed hosting platforms.

Whatever your hosting needs, we can advise on the best hosting solution to suit your requirements.

Call us today on 08432 893220 for a friendly chat about the best hosting solution for you.